About Us


We provide Quality Remote Controls at A Great Price!

Remote Control Depot is a company that has a passion for being of service.

We serve you, our community, our country and the environment.

We believe that you can follow a higher calling in business…

That the “bottom line” is driven by our “top line” – to have purpose in all we do.

Our vehicle to accomplish this is providing you quality original remote controls at a great price!

See the difference we can make with your purchase from RemoteControlDepot.com...

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Together, we can benefit great Non-Profit causes!

We procure our remotes from a variety of sources, part of which is from non-profit fund raisers.
This provides great causes with the benefit of an easy practical, fund raising opportunity.
You can make a difference… or more accurately we can!

Giving people a chance: The value of opportunity!

We help those who really need that leg-up in life.
When you buy from RemoteControlDepot.com, know that we hire great people who can benefit the most from opportunity we offer them.
We employ foster children, mentally challenged individuals, as well as those recovering from substance abuse.
Keeping jobs right here in the USA, and hiring those who benefit the most has always been our vision.
Your purchase helps us continue to work with purpose!

Capitalizing on American Ingenuity and Opportunity…

American small business, making a difference one job at a time.
All, yes all, of our products are procured right here on American soil.
By refurbishing, and remarketing these remotes, we keep our dollars right here in the USA.
By doing this, we can do our part in keeping America strong!


We have a faith that the next right thing will get us all the next right result.
That has blessed with a job that has developed into a lifestyle of supporting ourselves and serving others…
Just by putting one foot in front of the other…
No matter what faith you do or don’t belong to, buy with us and be a part of a bigger whole while enjoying the savings we offer…

We thank The One who makes all of this possible…

See the difference you make when you buy from RemoteControlDepot.com!