Panasonic 123454321 OEM Replacement Remote Control No Battery Cover

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Panasonic 123454321 OEM Replacement Remote Control No Battery Cover

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123454321 - Sony Remote Control - Buy Today

No Battery Cover Included, use your old one and SAVE!

Why buy your 123454321 from


This Sony 123454321 has the best warranty in the business.

30 days no questions asked money back guarantee, followed by our lifetime repair or replacement

This Sony 123454321 is a Genuine OEM Remote Controller

Trust us, there is a difference. It has the quality you trust from Sony. This remote needs no programming to control the unit it was provided with, has no codes to enter, and has all the functions needed to control your unit with ease. It is easy, pull it out of the professional packaging, insert new batteries, sit back and watch it work.

Experience - it counts!

Feel the difference great support makes. We have 30 years of Audio/Video installation and integration experience. We know & understand how the products work with your equipment, and how to support you when you need the help. And we are not talking about just putting new batteries in. We help you find manuals, assist in troubleshooting and we provide any help we can to be sure you are "back in control".


All remotes we sell ship free within the USA, with free shipping insurance as well. All units we sell are in stock, and promptly ship the same or next day. All remote controls are thoroughly tested and professionally packaged.

Security& Privacy

We treat your personal information as if it were our own. Your information is never sold and is never transferred to anyone. It is only used for the purpose of promptly delivering a quality product to your doorstep. 




The Etc Section...

A little more about Remote Controls in general...

In the Southern US, they are called "Clickers" originating from the days when remotes made a clicking sound when buttons were pressed. Due to the sound "clicker" quickly became synonymous with "remote control." Not "Remote Clicker", but simply "Clicker"

 Other parts of the US use the term "controller" or "remote controller". Maybe this derived by describing the person who had the remote control in their hand, they became the "controller"? Who knows, but the name stuck and millions call it a "controller" today.

So....  depending on where you are from, a replacement remote control could be called a "123454321 Remote Control", A "123454321 Clicker" or a "123454321 Controller"


About "Generic" Remote Controls, and how to spot them....

Don't be fooled, you will never find the ease of use or quality in a generic replacement remote. Our experience in listening to our clients is they are of inferior quality, and many times do not function the same as an original OEM branded replacement remote control. Many clients come to us after their recent generic purchase has failed, or does not operate the way the original replacement did. Some report having to enter codes to program the remote to function properly. There are many clever ways these are marketed... terms like "Fit For" and "Replacement For", avoiding using terms like "Genuine Replacement", or "OEM Replacement".


I cant' see the light working on my remote!

Not to worry, you can't. Ever. The little light you point at your unit with the remote is infra red. Infra Red light cannot be seen with the naked eye. So not seeing this infra red light has no indication as to whether the remote is functioning properly or not. Good News! Infra red light be seen with a smart phone in the selfie mode. Just point it at the smart phone in selfie mode, and press buttons. You should see a flash of infra red light as the buttons are depressed on the remote control. This means the remote is functioning. If the infra red light stays on constantly, or never comes on, the remote is defective. See more in the troubleshooting link at the top of the page.


A word or two about manuals

Typically, the manual for {Model} remote control is found within the manual for the device (TV, DVD, VCR, Stereo, HIFI, VCD, DVDR, Flat Screen, Satellite, Photo Frame, Computer, Etc.) it came with. Most remotes were produced for a variety of units. So... we do not provide manuals for programming, operations, service or codes, as we do not not know the unit your remote was originally provided with. However, if you need help, let us know. We will attempt to find the manual for your specific manual and email it to you if needed. This is a free service we provide to our clients.


Why would I need codes if it is a genuine OEM Remote?

The Sony remote you purchase from us will operate the unit it came with. It will not need any additional codes or programming for that. Howeever, let's say you are replacing a TV remote. It will operate the TV without a need for programming, but it may offer an option to control additional devices such  DVD, or Audio unit it was not supplied with. This is where you would need an operations manual that gives programming instructions with codes. Not for the unit it was asupplied with, but for the convienance of controlling other devices you may own with a single remote control.

Well, we think we covered everything...

But maybe you still have questions regarding this Sony {Model}. Maybe you still need our expertese to help you find the right remote, or determine whether your controller has a problem. Visit our troubleshooting link above, that answers the vast majority of problems you may have. If you still need help, click on contact us and leave us a message. We generally answer all messages the same or next day. You can call or text us as well, the number is at the bottom of the page. Please leave a message if we we do not answer. We will return your call. Whether you need help troubleshooting, codes, programming or a manual, it is very helpful if you provide us with both the model number on your remote control, and the model number of the unit it controls. Email is always best too. We can deliver manuals, links to the product you are looking for, or links to other sites on the web if we do not have the product you need. That is right, if we do not have the remote you are looking for, we will help you find it!