20PT9007D/17 Genuine Philips Replacement Remote Control

Philips 20PT9007D/17 Replacement Remote Control Front View
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20PT9007D/17 Philips Warranty

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20PT9007D/17 Philips Compatibility

This 20PT9007D/17 Philips Remote Control was originally provided with:

20PT9007D 20PT9007D/17 20PT9007D/17B 27PT9007D/17B 27PT9007D/17 27PT9007D/17E 27PT9007D RC1113336/00 313923814651

20PT9007D/17 Philips Specifications

Length 2 Inches

Width 1 Inches

Height 6 Inch

Batteries 2 AA

Weight 4 Ounces

20PT9007D/17 Philips Troubleshooting

To reset your 20PT9007D/17 Philips remote, remove all batteries and press each button twice. Replace batteries and re-test.

For instructions on how to test your remote, click here.

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